Halle Berry’s Anti Aging Secrets Revealed

If there’s one celebrity that never seems to age, it’s Halle Berry. This world-class beauty gets more vibrant and youthful looking in each passing year. Ever wonder how she does it? Discover Halle Berry’s anti aging secrets in this article. Age like fine wine with savvy tips, all natural techniques and clinical skin care advice. No crazy Hollywood fads or surgeries required!

It’s hard to believe Halle Berry is 45 years old. Unlike many celebrities who have gone the way of injections and face lifts, this starlit looks naturally youthful. If you browse through photos of the actress, you’ll see that somehow she has seemed to have pulled a Benjamin Button on us all, looking younger with each day. No wonder so many people want to discover Halle Berry’s anti aging secrets.

While Halle Berry seems to be a down-to-earth kind of gal, she does invest in a quality skin care routine. She’s been quoted as saying she takes time to pamper her complexion. The actress tones, moisturizes and washes her skin twice a day, every day. One of Halle Berry’s anti aging secrets is consistency and it shows. Set the base of your skin care regimen with an effective moisturizer. Celebrities know that hydration is the key to a happy complexion. Free radicals and environmental elements wreck havoc on dry skin. Protect your complexion with all-in-one moisturizer. It’s strong enough to use as a night cream but light enough to wear under makeup.

The actress also credits vigilant sun protection for her fabulous skin. If you’re inconsistent about sunscreen, it’s time to get with the program. Berry and celebrities like her know that the sun is one of the biggest factors in premature aging. Sunblock is an easy, relatively inexpensive way to prevent wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and photo damage from occurring. Once you make a habit, you’ll wonder why it ever took you so long to add the sunscreen to your regimen. It won’t just be one of Halle Berry’s anti aging secrets. It’ll also be one of yours!

Berry is also known to be a fan of pure vitamin C oil. You don’t have to buy expensive products to try this technique. Simply apply a bit of vitamin C oil from liquid vitamin capsules. This dose of antioxidants, moisture and elasticity will make your skin look better right away. Vitamin C may also lighten scars. Add a bit of gel on darker spots regularly to get a more even skin tone like Berry. For extra hydration, include plenty of vitamin E rich foods in your diet.

Halle Berry is no stranger to glamorous red-carpet makeup. Yet if you look at photographs of the actress off the carpet, you’ll notice the star often goes nearly or completely bare faced. She shows off her even, smooth complexion with just a bit tinted moisturizer, powder and groomed brows. To take advantage of Halle Berry’s anti aging secrets, go naked on your off days as well. Add a bit of sunscreen, moisturizer and lip balm to let your complexion breathe. Don’t forget to rinse off your makeup with a pH balancing cleanser. It will prevent the makeup from disturbing the delicate balance within your skin.

Berry has a plethora of high-end facials and skin treatments available. You don’t have to head to the spa to make your skin look beautiful. Have fun with this at-home treatments loaded with natural, easy to find ingredients. You’ll feel and look like a movie star in no time at all. Learn more about celebrity skin care secrets and their must haves from LifeCell.

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