How to Have Healthy and Smart Kids

Parents have a big responsibility to their kids. They are responsible to make their kids healthy physically and emotionally because physical and emotional conditions play a crucial role in kids’ development. Healthy physic and emotion can boost intelligence. As a result, kids who are healthy emotionally and physically usually become smart kids. In fact, keeping kids healthy is challenging. The nature of kids are playing on the ground and touching everything whereas these activities expose kids to various harmful substances such as bacteria, germs and virus. Kids are somehow emotionally fragile. They might easily feel hurt when they cannot get what they want.

Actually, to have Healthy and Smart Kids, there are 2 important things parents must pay attention. The first thing is kids’ physical health and the second is kids’ emotional health. To keep kids healthy physically, parents must provide healthy food, teach how to live healthily and provide basic sanitary needs. Kids must eat healthy food moderately because healthy food contain important nutrient that is hugely needed for their development. Kids should know and adopt healthy lifestyle because healthy lifestyle can keep harmful substances away. Kids must use sanitary products like soap, toothpaste and shampoo to clean their body, teeth and hair. The combination of healthy food, healthy lifestyle and clean body makes kids healthy physically.

Then, to keep kids healthy emotionally, parents are responsible to give adequate learning and entertainment facilities. Parents need to buy books and other educational equipment in order to help their kids learning new knowledge better. Even though entertainment facilities are required, parents must remember that they must choose educational entertainment. If they decide to buy a video game for their kids, parents must carefully choose the game. They need to accompany their kids while their kids playing games or watch movies in order to give guidance. Parents should also consider giving their kids time to play outside with friends because this is a good way to build self confidence and social relationship.

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