Should You Switch Your Skin Care Regimen?

We all get a craving for something new from time to time. Maybe it’s a trendy accessory, the latest cell phone or a lipstick. These little changes can add a spring our step and some variety. If you’re thinking of overhauling your anti-aging regimen, don’t make the decision rashly. Take the time to educate yourself on the reasons you should and should not let go of your current program. That way you’ll be able to easily answer the nagging question of “Should you switch your skin care regimen?”

Should You Switch Your Skin Care Regimen? Reasons to Answer Yes:

There’s are several reasons why one should update their skin care program. As you have probably imagined, most are based on ingredients and results.

You’re not getting the results that were promised. You’ve given the skin care products the required amount of time to work and maybe a little extra. Still not seeing changes? Don’t waste your time. Move on to a new line or regimen.

You’re getting some results but they’re not as dramatic as you hoped. Don’t settle for so-so results. If you’re investing the time and money into the products, they should deliver reasonably noticeable changes.

Your skin doesn’t agree with the products. Always check the ingredients before purchasing. If your skin has become extra sensitive, broken out and other wise irritated since starting the regimen, consult the company for a return.

Your wallet is suffering. You don’t have to pay big bucks for great skin. In fact, some of the best ingredients like retinol and dmae can be found in mid-range products. If your budget is hurting from the skin care line, let it go.

Should You Switch Your Skin Care Regimen? Reasons to Answer No:

Sometimes one needs to give the regimen more time or effort to work. Check out the reasons to continue with your current program.

You just started using the product last week. Most anti-aging products need 4 to 6 weeks to deliver results. One of the reasons so many people give up products is impatience. Nothing, not even surgery, will make you look years younger over night. Check out the expected duration time for results and let the products do the hard work.

You only follow the regimen when you remember. Sloppy, inconsistent efforts yield similar results. You don’t have to be a perfectionist but you do need to follow the routine. Use as directed and follow instructions to get the maximum changes.

There’s a new product that’s caught your eye. Before overhauling your routine, research the said product. Check out reviews and recommendations. Then you’ll know if it is just a flash in the pan or a worthy skin care item.

Your friend is trying something different. Our complexions are individual and unique. One moisturizer may be perfect for your friend with dry, sensitive skin and another works wonders on your oily complected mother. Never assume that a one-size-fits-all approach works.

You’re slathering the products on three times a day and nothing is happening. Less is more! Too much product can have the reverse effect. Most creams are made to worn once or twice daily. Some treatments work best applied weekly. Follow the instructions about how often and how much of the product to use.

Hopefully by now you have been able to answer that question, “Should you switch your skin care regimen?” with ease.

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